14th October 2020: my first day in Galway

first day

Finally!!! I changed my life! This was my first thought when I arrived into the volunteers house. But my good mood started early, when I started chatting with another volunteer. When Simon Community selected me as a European volunteer, they immediately kept me in touch with an Italian girl. She has been at home for several months and for this reason she has been instructed to explain the first things to me.

In fact, in the days before my arrival, she wrote me on Whatsapp. We talked a lot about everything. At a glance, I loved her! And I will love her for the whole experience. We organized our appointment in Galway. In my mind the organization was thorough. In fact, I missed the bus and arrived one hour late. Just to allow others to know me immediately, without misunderstanding.

Rapidly I show them what kind of storm was about to come in their lives. In fact, I go up the stairs with my bags and go to my room. I encounter a German boy with a child’s face who greets me and I, in response, without noticing his shyness, start talking about everything. Literally everything. Breathless!

Sometimes I am talkative and burdened of energy. On that occasion I was my 4th level Super Saiyan version. Everything around me was a starting point to furnish a topic of conversation. A map? Traveling. A bed? How much I like to sleep! A white wall? How white a wall can be!

The poor boy was rescued by two Spanish roommates who arrived at the time. And my momentum was initially diverted to them and then to the wonderful dinner that the Italian girl prepared for me. Perhaps, because of the travels or the strong diet that I was doing in Italy, I ate all the food on the table as a hurricane.

Doubts? Zero! Just a tremendous desire to enjoy everything. In just 10 minutes I immediately understood the strange group of volunteers would become my family. The air was incredibly soft and colorful. The atmosphere was so friendly, and they seemed so fun. I was not wrong. At that moment I was joining the best family I’ve ever had!

As soon as I noticed my mood, my happiness increased by watching the past move away from me. Because they made me feel confident I would never abandon that experience. And I had a urgent need not to go home again!

Yup, my new life was about to begin. I was not born on April 30 1995, but on October 14 2019.


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