From a suburban school to Oman. How Elizabeth transformed her life.


Since I decided to launch this blog, I have decided not to give only advice and opinions. I have to display you a tangible example of change, because if I determined to improve myself it is because I have witnessed many concrete examples about people who have already done it, in this period. I really like the story I’m about to tell you. It is not the simple fairy tale in which a person makes a big change and everything is fine. It is a difficult journey full of passages and bad moments. Despite this, there is a wonderful but realistic happy ending. This is the story of Elizabeth.

Up and down, up and down, but at least not a monotonous golden cage. Elizabeth was an English teacher. She did not have enough courage to give up his permanent position. She would have liked to go to Africa and spend a year as a volunteer, but she was waiting for retirement. This was her decision, but this choice makes her feel very anxious. She noticed that many colleagues after retiring, due to different types of problems, gave up their dreams.

But the spark came from her sister’s husband who criticized her for talking without doing. And thanks to this, he wanted to leave immediately. She contacted VIDES, an Italian organization and suddenly he was on a plane bound for Cambodia. She taught, danced and sang songs with many needy children. When she got home, she was another person. And she was ready to return to Cambodia to teach but it was not possible.

Unfortunately, he accepted a job in China, which proved to be a huge and dangerous deception. He did not work as a teacher, but another boring profession. Besides, she was about to be deported. In short, the dream has become a nightmare. The spooky side of the story is that when she fled China to take refuge in Bangkok, the employer sent her an email, telling her that they knew she was in Cambodia.

Removed the momentary fear, she decides to go to Thailand. In this country she made a skype call with a friend of his. She told her that there were many job offers for Italian tour guides in Oman. Immediately, she left again. Love also came and went away from her, she cried and laughed like a living person. This situation was so far from the stable work of the English teacher and so different from suburban life. And she loved it.

But now there was a crossroads. He had to choose between continuing to live in Oman and leaving his job safe or returning to his previous life. Eventually, he resigned from school.

And this is not the end yet. Because, the next day, he found out that his father had an incurable disease. A terrible event that gave her the courage to follow her dreams. In fact, after being close to her father, while she was dying, she returned to Oman and received an important offer.

Now she is happy and she live the life that she has always dreamed. Why did I tell you this real story? Why did I tell you this true story? Changing means put at stake yourself, exposing yourself to suffering. But, thanks to every tear you shed, you can find your true dimension, a dimension that is not imposed by society or family, a dimension that comes from your deep needs.



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