The Heron and the Daisy


A deep dusky sky stood out as a pack of birds flew with difficulty. The herons group was facing a blustery wind and a downpour. The umpteenth occasion in which Hermann complaints. Hermann had a strange passion for complainings. He didn’t like anything about his life. He often wondered why he had to use his wings to move, for whom he needed an enormous effort to climb into the sky and descend to his chosen destination.

Why does he have to wear a feather dress so heavy when it’s wet and so hot when it’s sunny? This time the situation would have been diverse from the usual:”Shut your beak!”. At the beginning only an indistinct voice. Soon after, other voices arrived:”You’re constantly complaining!”.”Enough!”. Hermann offended by these reproaches, decides to leave the group. “Where are you going?”. Hermann ignored this voice, mainly because he didn’t know where he was going. He merely needed a solitary moment to reflect and find himself once more.

He frequently needed these moments. But the wind was extremely brisk. An invisible glove was gripping his body to try to take him where it wanted. Hermann’s journey ended against an oak three. The impact was terrible.  The heron began falling as if dead. The flight was long. The bird was unaware of what was happening. His body, fortunately, end up in a field of daisies. In fact, these creatures are famous for their kindness and generosity. Since they realized the heron was alive but in danger of death, they started to work to save his life. With their smell and small movements, they called an army insect. The bees brought honey to allow him to regain his strength. The ants encased every part of his body to prevent the cold from slaying him. The caterpillars controlled his skull, coming in from his ears.

The crickets made a bed of leaves and the dragonflies put medicinal herbs in his mouth. After three days of treatment, he unclosed his eyes. He was alive, just a little confused. The flowers around him began asking many questions. In fact, they explained that by their nature they were fastened to their garden. Consequently, it is the sole thing they see for their whole life. To thank the daisies, he decided to talk about himself telling real adventures that happened in his life. He instantly noticed a separate daisy that didn’t care about the heron. She looked sorrowful. The more stories he told, the more her sadness grows. Hermann spent three days with daisies. As soon as, he felt better, he decided to leave. Before doing so, he noticed the sad daisy stirring:”what are you doing … ehm …” “… Theresa …” “Theresa!?”

“I want to leave from here!” answered the daisy, while she kept moving. “Are you foolish? Why? I mean … you have everything. You have the water, the sun and anything you need to live!” “I’ve never watched a place different than this garden!” answered Theresa angry. “Why am I condemned to stay here forever?” The heron was unable to give a satisfactory answer. He could scarcely look at her in respectful silence. Theresa was able to break her root and walk for only five seconds. Without energy, in fact, her body slowly started turning off. The heron looked at her sadly but suddenly his facial expression changed. 

On the face of the daisy, something appeared that he had never seen before. An absolutely cheerful expression appeared on her face. For barely 5 seconds she realized her greatest dream. And that was enough for her to die happy. While the heron leaves, with tears falling in his face, he begins to enjoy the wind in his face, the smell of flowers and from the human houses. And he began appreciating his nature, his being without roots. 


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