Fishing. How young drink.

“How old are you?” “15” “Do you usually drink?” “Yes, I do it!” “How is it possible?” “Fishing!” This jargon is the same answer to the same question. How is it possible that a 15-year-old can drink a beer if in theory nobody can sell it? The answer is always fishing. I was talking with a two 15 year old girls when I first heard this word. I’ve just asked them how they buy the alcohol, and they answer me by “fishing.” The slang means when a minor asks to an adult to buy the alcohol for him, to overcome the ban on his age. We have a good and a bad news about Galway. The bad one is the fishing is widespread. In fact, another group of minors confirmed this to me.

Every Galway young uses fishing (ed. Is a verb) to spend most of his free time. It is a type of fashion and is part of their nighttime fun. The good news is they explained to me that it is difficult to find people willing to help you fish. They are habitually college students or older friends. Adults prefer to avoid. There are two reasons for this avoidance. Foremost, there is a civic sense that nobody wants to support young people buy beer or any type of alcohol.

Alcohol represent a serious Irish issue and Galway adult are aware of it. The second one is that law is extremely strong against fishing. The sentence could be serious, and nobody wants to take this risk. Even the guys interviewed confirm this to me. In fact, when I asked them how fishing works, they told me that the first rule is to meet away from the selected shop, in an isolated place, away from prying eyes. If the shop worker or Garda captures you fishing, they may directly report you.

So, these guys probably spend much time finding a person that want to help them. Why? I asked them why they drank and if they know how alcohol works, if they are of its sneaky nature. They told me they needed it to socialize. But it’s not just an opening problem.

Because it is untrue that a good number of them need to drink to socialize. On the contrary, they need socializing and especially for this they drink, just because it is something that everyone does in their free time, especially young people. It is not true they go out to drink, but it’s true they drink to go out, to spend social life with their friends. Now, the question is: it’s just their belief or doesn’t they seriously have something else to let their weekend go by? For now, they know how sneaky alcohol could be but simultaneously they believe they can handle it. And none of them seem to really know what alcoholism means.


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