14th October 2020: I arrive at Galway


Going away! Going away from my family! Going away out of my little town. Going away to the grey-haired woman who asks me every day if I have a girlfriend, the same old lady me inevitably find in the same bar every morning, so much so that I wonder if she was built with the bar. Going away means many things. It means to change. Change your habits, change your mind, change your clothes because it rains every day in Galway.

And it’s normal to wonder if it’s worth it! But me in particular, why did I leave? Thanks for the question! After my degree in philosophy, I had no idea what to do in the future, especially because in Italy humanities degree have the same value as consistency in politics: zero! So, I decided to do what every conscientious young man must do in this century. Seek help from an more senior person? No fucking way! Google it! So, like a 50-year-old man looking for the first time to find a porn video, I wrote on the web: “come vivere estero gratis”, namely “how – live – abroad -free”. 

Luckily, a web page appeared where there were many types of solution to experience abroad without spending money. The first was the au pair. Now … I don’t mean I don’t recommend it, but if a person says “au pair” in front of me, I could run away, scream and sprinkle ash on my head. The main problem with this type of mobility is you have to entrust your life to unknown people. Maybe, but it’s just a guess (cough – cough) it could happen that you will spend 4 months of your life preparing a huge number of documents, you will take the plane for the first time, you will arrive in a new country, you will take care of a child for the first time, you will arrive at the end of the destroyed day and after only a week, with a big bright smile on the face, the people who will host you will say: you are smart, you are good but you are too qualified and we have already purchased the ticket for you go back to Naples. See you!

What happens now? I was so angry, sad but particularly worried! I have lost 4 months of my life, and my ideas about my future were increasingly confused. On that occasion, I realized that I had only one possibility: to lick my wounds and detect another type of European mobility. It’s utterly amazing but on the same page there was another tip that I didn’t notice the first time. It was the European Solidarity Corps. How does it work? On the web there are many projects on human rights, charity, culture, non-formal teaching etc. You can send them your CV and a cover letter. If they are interested, they will contact you. As a volunteer you will receive free accommodation and pocket money. They also reimburse the plane ticket.

An opportunity impossible to miss. It took me only a few days to write a good cover letter and to improve my resume. I don’t know why, but I was so motivated to get an interview. And I earned three. The first came from Ireland, the second from Belgium and the third from Luxembourg. I liked all three projects and for this reason I decided to accept the first one who considered me. It was the Galway Simon Community. I will work with the homeless. I was enormously proud of me. I have invested a good part of my previous life doing activism and now I will assist those who necessitate it and this make me feel full of joy. But … how was my first day in Galway? This is another story! Stay up to date!


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